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precision medicine forum conference London 2016Due to demand we are now offering one day only registration. Please use the discount code “Monday” or “Tuesday” depending on the day you wish to attend. Pricing is 50% discount from the standard two rate.
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    Precision Medicine Forum brings together leading figures from all of the key stakeholders; Government, industry, diagnostics developers, academia, healthcare, research, patient advocacy groups; those very organisations at the forefront of a healthcare revolution, who face similar challenges and shared priorities in the adoption of Precision Medicine. Our format allows for a more engaging experience with professionally chaired panel sessions and round-table session facilitated by experts in their respective fields.

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Vivienne Parry OBE (Chair Precision Medicine Forum Conference London 2016

Vivienne Parry OBE (Chair)

A scientist by training, Vivienne hosts medical programmes for Radio 4, writes widely on health, presents films, facilitates many high level conferences and debates and trains young researchers. She also has a part time role as head of engagement at Genomics England which is delivering the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Vivienne will be chairing the London 2016 Conference.