Dr Hilary Burton

In Speakers London 2016 by PMF Conferences

Director, PHG Foundation

Hilary is the Director of the PHG Foundation, a non-profit think tank which works to achieve the prompt, effective and responsible application of genomics and biomedical science with health services.

Hilary qualified in medicine at Oxford University, and subsequently trained in public health in the Eastern Region. Hilary has been with the PHG Foundation since its inception, focusing on the genomics context for population health, in particular, leading work on the implementation of new technologies in mainstream UK health services. Key themes at present for prevention include the importance of data collection and sharing, the education of health professionals and the resolution of ethical, regulatory and social issues.

Hilary is Pro Vice President and Fellow of Hughes Hall, Cambridge. She is also currently a member of the UK Genetic Testing Network Clinical and Scientific Advisory Group, Joint Committee on Genomic Medicine of the Medical Royal Colleges, the Steering Group for the Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network and the Council of the British Society for Genetic Medicine.