Katherine Payne

Professor Katherine Payne

In Speakers London 2016 by PMF Conferences


Katherine Payne was awarded a personal chair in health economics at The University of Manchester in August 2010. Katherine is also a registered pharmacist and was awarded the status of Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2016. She is now based within the Manchester Centre for Health Economics at The University of Manchester.

She holds honorary positions with: the School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham; PHG Foundation, Cambridge; Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; and Nowgen, Manchester. Katherine has an interest in the economics of genomic technologies and services and the application to stratified medicine. Katherine has an interest in the use of economic evidence to inform decision-making in practice and was a member of a NICE Technology Appraisal Committee between October 2003 and 2012.

Katherine has been a member of national funding review panels for projects on the economics of personalised medicine for Canada, UK, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. Katherine also has an established interest in communicating the methods and application of economic evaluation to healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, and members of the public.

Ongoing and recent projects include: evaluating an integrated model of service delivery and the use of new sequencing technologies for the diagnosis of inherited retinal dystrophies; identifying and costing pathways of care for people with inherited ataxia; building an economic model to identify the most appropriate interval for breast cancer screening; economic evaluation of stratified breast screening programmes; developing an approach to the health technology assessment of whole genome sequencing; economic evaluations of different applications of stratified medicine; and using stated preference methods to value the balance between the risks and benefits of healthcare interventions.