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About Us

Our aim is to facilitate global collaboration in precision medicine – what many see as the key to unlocking the promise of a personalised approach to healthcare. We do this through our events, social media, podcasts, newsletters and our website. Join us and let’s make a difference together.

Delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time..

From early research to the clinic, we delve into the world of precision medicine from the perspective of world leading researchers, clinicians, patient groups and industry experts.

We provide unique insights from many disciplines around the globe in a relaxed, unscripted fashion allowing our guests to speak candidly about the challenges we face and success they have had in bringing precision medicine to the fore.

It’s just bit of fun under pressure but the responses are certainly insightful.

We ask our podcast guests to describe how each of the key stakeholders can help to push precision medicine forward. Five minutes to cover the five groups; healthcare practitioners, patient advocates, research, industry and payers/Govt.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our forum offers a unique environment to make new connections, share ideas and formulate partnerships for future collaboration. We work closely with our sponsors to ensure that your objectives are met by building bespoke marketing solutions. So be it a plenary speaking slot, hosting a roundtable or exhibiting at our forum, we ensure you are in front of the right audience.

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