Stefan Fröhling PhD

Head of Division, Translational Medical Oncology at DKFZ, Acting Managing Director of NCT Heidelberg.

Stefan Fröhling heads the Division of Translational Medical Oncology at DKFZ and is Acting Managing Director of NCT Heidelberg. Stefan Fröhling’s research aims at providing patients with individually tailored cancer treatments. As part of the cross-institutional MASTER initiative of NCT Heidelberg/Dresden and the German Cancer Consortium, much of his work is centered on the development of tools for the comprehensive molecular and functional characterization of individual tumors, and the conception of clinical studies examining the efficacy of modern, molecularly targeted treatment approaches. In addition to his research in the precision oncology field, Stefan Fröhling particularly focuses on the biology of bone and soft-tissue sarcomas as well as acute forms of leukemia.

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