Prof Costanza Emanueli

Prof Costanza Emanueli, BHF Chair of Cardiovascular Science, NHLI, Imperial College, London

Professor Costanza Emanueli is currently the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Professor and Chair of Cardiovascular Science at the National Heart Lung Institute, Imperial College London. She studied in Italy up to PhD level and additionally trained in the US (USCF and Tufts University) before taking up a Faculty position combined with a BHF senior research fellowship at the University of Bristol in 2005. She became Full Professor in Vascular Pathology and Regeneration in 2010 and a BHF Professor in 2015.

RESEARCH: Professor Emanueli develops fundamental and translational research focusing on understanding and addressing the contributary causes of ischemia in the heart and lower limbs. Moreover, this includes investigation of new biomarkers to support the development of clinical studies and improve clinical practice. She has a special interest in noncoding RNAs, extracellular vesicles and the pericardium. The Emanueli team combines work on clinical samples, animal models and classic laboratory methods, utilising cutting edge technologies, bioinformatics and animal models. She works collaboratively with surgeons, immunologists, electrophysiologists, data scientists and bioengineers in the UK and has many advisory and active research relationships internationally.

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