Anna Nowocin

Professor, Head of Flow Cytometry Standardisation, Immunotherapy, Biotherapeutics and Advanced Therapies Division, Science, Research and Innovation group. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Anna Nowocin has joined NIBSC (now MHRA) as Head of Flow Cytometry Standardisation in 2016. Her main responsibilities include development of flow cytometry reference materials and controls, overseeing the work of the flow cytometry facility and the development of predictive cell-based assays that can aid assessment of safety and potency of therapeutic products and diagnostics. Over the last five years Anna has set up a programme of work at MHRA looking at MSC/MSC-EV immunoregulatory assays and feasibility of producing MSC-EV based reference reagents.

She obtained a PhD in Tissue Engineering (University College London, 2011), focusing on the development of small intestine replacement strategies and the related requirements of biocompatibility testing. She continued her research career in King’s College London (KCL) by setting up and delivering pre-clinical studies for KIVIS, a CRO set up by KCL Businesses. She also continued her research at KCL in Transplant Immunology investigating the role of systemic and local alloimmune responses in kidney transplant tolerance and rejection.

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