The University of Oxford Partners with King Abdulaziz University to set up a new Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine

The new international collaboration will connect experts in medicine, drug discovery, and artificial intelligence with the aim of finding new treatments for common and rare diseases.

The University of Oxford hopes to welcome more students from Saudi Arabia as education is a key part of this partnership.

Vice-Chancellor of The University of Oxford, Professor Louise Richardson, said, “Throughout our long history we have forged valuable partnerships with peers around the world so that together we could push at the frontiers of knowledge and identify solutions to shared problems.

“It is in that spirit that we join KAU to advance healthcare and drug discovery in the new Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine.”

The initial programme of research will be focused on AI-guided drug discovery for rare and cardio-metabolic diseases. This research will be conducted by scientists from CMD, the Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Statistics and the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford, and researchers from KAU.

In a statement on October 1, KAU co-lead, Dr. Hani Choudry, said, “Today marks the launch of an innovative and a truly leading international research Centre in the fields of AI and precision medicine.

“Through this Centre both universities are embracing the future of medicine and innovation, and we are excited for this collaboration.”

Over the next five years, this collaboration aims to develop new drugs targets, as well as create new platforms and technologies to aid drug discovery.

More information can be found on The University of Oxford’s website HERE.

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