Genomics to be embedded into patient care pathways by NHS Genomic Medicine Service Alliances

NHS Genomic Medicine Service Alliances aims to help embed genomics into routine care across the entire population that the NHS serves in England.

The alliance brings together ‘vital multi-disciplinary clinical leadership and other operational and digital functions’. The aim of the alliance is to review the equity of access for patients to the genomic tests commissioned by the NHS.

Additionally, they will assist ‘the establishment of rare diseases and cancer, which in turn, enables clinicians to to request new genomic tests, introduce new models of care that support early access to genomic testing and understand where there are areas of unmet need’.

The NHS GMS launched in October 2018, and since then has been tireless in ‘ensuring genomic testing is standardised for different conditions and applications and is delivered by cutting-edge technologies’.

Upcoming developments for the alliance include whole genome sequencing for children with cancer and children with suspected rare diseases.

The National Genomic Medicine Service Alliances was launched due to a need for an expansion of the current NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) to be able to grow nationwide.

You can find out more about The NHS GMS Alliances here.

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