Norwegian Government increases Precision Medicine state funding to NOK 61,3 Million

In the state’s budget released this week, the Norwegian Government raised the funding for personalised medicine by NOK 30 million to a total of NOK 61,3 million.

Cancer patients will benefit from more precise diagnosis’ with NOK 25 million of the funding being used to establish precision diagnostics with advanced molecular profiling in hospitals.

The remaining funds for personalised medicine will be used to build competences and begin to establish a national genome centre.

General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster, Ketil Widerberg, said, “The infrastructure for precision diagnostics will improve Norway’s ability to attract clinical studies internationally, it will give more cancer patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and it will provide valuable data for further research.”

An additional NOK 75 million of funding is also being poured into clinical trials with the establishment of NorTrials.

NorTrials will be a partnership between industry and hospitals on clinical studies. It will offer a “one-stop-shop” for small and medium sized enterprises in the health industry  and for public institutions that want to conduct clinical trials in Norway.

Additional information about the NorTrials and the infrastructure for precision diagnostics will be announced in the Action Plan for Clinical Studies, to be presented in December 2020.

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