The Henry Ford Cancer Institute opens facility to Advance Cancer Precision Medicine

The Henry Ford Cancer Institute, at Henry Ford Health System in the US has opened the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion. This facility will consist of speciality clinics for 14 different types of cancer, clinical trials, precision medicine treatments, and supportive services.

Patients who receive care at the pavilion will have access to precision medicine based on their unique genomic factors and lifestyle factors.

Wright Lassiter, III, President and CEO of Henry Ford Health System, said, “The opening of the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion marks the beginning of a new era in cancer care.

“This investment is a testament to decades of cancer care innovation at Henry Ford Hospital, where we’ve developed and delivered first in the world care.

“The pavilion brings this innovation to new levels, serving as a global destination for cancer care, with our other System cancer sites working together to create one elite team for each patient.”

Cancer patients, survivors, and their families were all asked for their input in the design of the pavilion so that it also includes several quiet meditation spaces for a comfortable experience.

Madelyn Van Tassel, Interim Vice President and Executive Director of Henry Ford Cancer Institute said, “Our new cancer pavilion is designed to deliver an exceptional care experience surrounded by compassion, comfort, innovation and hope.

“A cancer diagnosis can be one of the most difficult and frightening moments in a person’s life. Our care teams are committed to guiding each patient through their unique journey and recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to support our patients’ wellbeing.”

The $20million gift that funded the pavilion was given by Detroit businessman and philanthropist Mort Harris. Mr. Harris also gave a separate $20million gift to support Henry Ford’s precision medicine, brain cancer and pancreatic cancer programs. These gifts were given in honour of his wife, Brigitte Harris, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2016.

Read more about the pavilion on The Henry Ford Health System’s website here.

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