Jon A Kyte MD PhD

Head, Department of Clinical Cancer Research, Research Group Leader, Department of Cancer Immunology, Oslo University Hospital

Jon A Kyte has combined expertise as clinical oncologist and immunotherapy researcher, and is Head of the Department for Clinical Cancer Research and a Research Group Leader at Department for Cancer Immunology, Oslo University Hospital. The Department for Clinical Cancer Research includes the largest Early Phase Trial Unit in Norway, as well as a Clinical Trial Office and Study Nurse Unit, and currently conducts >100 clinical trials in oncology. Dr. Kyte did his PhD and training for oncologist at Oslo University Hospital, followed by a postdoc in T cell therapy at University College London.

Kyte has experience as breast cancer consultant, is currently a consultant at the Early Phase Trial Unit and has initiated and conducted several clinical trials combining immunological checkpoint inhibitors with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The Kyte research group conducts laboratory research based on material from immunotherapy trials, aimed at personalised cancer immunotherapy. Further, the group develops tumor-targeting chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) for T cell therapy against solid cancers, as well as strategies designed to make the CAR T cells resistant to immune suppression.

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