Päivi Östling

Scientific Lead of Precision Medicine at SciLifeLab

Päivi Östling has more than 10 years of research experience in the field of precision cancer medicine (PCM) research. As of 2016, she has been responsible for establishing a functional precision medicin (fPM) platform at SciLifeLab through the Olli Kallioniemi research group where she also acts as a co-principal investigator. The groups research focuses on individualized drug profiling including multi-omics in acute myeloid leukemia, ovarian and bladder cancer as well as pediatric tumors. Since June 2021, she is one of the Scientific Leads of Precision Medicine at SciLifeLab that aims to enable next generation precision medicine and define a strategic roadmap towards this.

In addition, she has key positions of trust within the Swedish Life Science sector including the board of PCM Program at KI, Cancer Research KI, SWELife and Genomic Medicine Sweden. Through her research focus, her experience in establishing research infrastructure for precision medicine and her commissions of trust she is uniquely placed to provide valuable insights into the complex landscape of precision medicine.

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