Prof. Emiel Janssen

Head of Molecular Pathology, Stavanger University Hospital

Dr. Emiel Janssen studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam. He started his career at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam working on neurogenetics. In 2001 he moved to the department of pathology at the Stavanger University Hospital. He received his PhD in 2007 at the University in Bergen and is currently the head of the unit for quantitative and molecular pathology, head of the laboratory for molecular biology and head of the research group from the department of pathology. Since 2015, he is professor in Biomedicine at the University of Stavanger. Currently he also is adjunct professor at Griffith University, Australia.

The group’s research is devoted to diminish patient suffering from over –and undertreatment by developing better diagnostics for treatment decision making. The development, validation and implementation of new (digital) biomarkers is the focus of our research. Among the candidate biomarkers microRNA is one group that is currently under investigation; all biomarkers are analyzed by using advanced image analysis tools and artificial intelligence to improve current diagnostics in pathology. Breast cancer, melanomas, gynecological neoplasia’s and urological cancer are the main diseases, which we investigate.

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