Anders Ekholm

Economist and former Deputy Director and now Senior Advisor at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm.

Anders Ekholm is an economist and former deputy director and now senior Advisor at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. He has held a broad variety of positions, Director of analytics at the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate, the Swedish Government Offices where he worked with quantitative economics and has been Chief analyst in the Ministry of health and social affairs and worked at the Ministry’s of Finance, Employment and Education. He has worked with development and analysis of micro-simulation models for policy evaluation and development.

Ekholm has also worked as an IT project manager, for instance developing the state budget system, that manages, distributes, and monitors the Swedish state budget. Anders has been member of the board in Health- and care providers, AI startups and Patient organizations. He is also a frequent speaker hired for inspiration and new solutions in different sectors of society.

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