Georgi Natchev

Entrepreneur and the creator of the Digiburn App

Entrepreneur, Solver, Millennial. I’m here to love, create, contribute, empower & support.

I’ve spent much of my life chasing goals, validating my self-worth through external circumstances, and constantly craving improvement. Combining a business background with an entrepreneurial sweet tooth for the next big thing, I often live on the brink of burning out.

In January 2020 one of my partners brought up the topic of burnout and digital mental health. We gathered our core team and fell in love with the idea of a 100% self-help burnout solution for the long-term sake of the user. Digiburn App consists of a burnout risk assessment, a 12-weeks self-growth journey and a digital coach for building and sustaining a set of cognitive and behavioral habits for a long-term fulfilling way of life.

Our grand vision is to drive global health equity and digital phenotyping for mental health. Cater to an array of conditions with a robust, self-improving, personalized, digital approach, enabling early detection, and patient care at time, and place of need. To succeed in this, we are exploring a combination of digital biomarkers, behavioral data, combined in temporal and contextual sense for reliable forecasting and day-by-day personal state evaluation.

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