Joel Hedlund

Data director of CMIV/AIDA at the Linköping University

With a PhD in bioinformatics, Joel is Data director to CMIV and the Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA) which is a national publicly funded collaboration arena for research and innovation in medical imaging diagnostic AI. Here, Swedish academia, healthcare and industry run joint collaboration projects to translate technical advances in AI technology into patient benefit in the form of clinically useful tools. Joel also heads up theAIDA Data Hub, which supports AIDA with services in sharing and AI training using sensitive personal medical imaging data. Joel also heads up the repository infrastructure development for Bigpicture, the European flagship project in digital pathology AI which will collect and standardize data from millions of whole slide pathology images to support development of AI tools for clinical diagnostics and drug development.

Before coming to CMIV, Joel helped establish the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) and its Tryggve projects for collaboration between Nordic national infrastructures for secure transnational processing of sensitive personal biomedical data for research, and previously also worked as partner manager and application expert in Bioinformatics at the National Supercomputer Center (NSC).

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