Prof. Claudia Pagliari PhD FRCPE

Director, Global eHealth Group, Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Claudia Pagliari PhD FRCPE is a professor of primary care and digital health at the University of Edinburgh and an expert consultant for the World Health Organisation. Originally trained in psychology and health technology assessment, she developed a special interest in eHealth around 18 years ago. Her interdisciplinary research group studies the evolution, impacts, and unintended consequences of emerging digital health innovations, including aspects of data science.

Alongside her enthusiasm about the potential benefits of these trends, she has a longstanding interest in their ethical implications. In 2021-2 she chaired the national expert group in digital ethics for Scotland, extending these considerations to other domains of government, industry and society.  She has co-founded and led graduate programmes in Health Informatics, Global eHealth and Digital Health Leadership (a.k.a. NHS Digital Academy) and is currently external examiner for the digital health masters programme at the University of Oxford.

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