Thorben Seeger

Chief Business Development Officer, Lifebit

Chief Business Strategy Officer in Sales & Partners, Lifebit

Thorben Seeger is a thought leader in science-based solutions that propel genomics and personalised medicine forward. Bringing over 14 years of experience in enterprise technology and financial solutions, Thorben has successfully developed commercial strategies and led high-performance business development teams for global powerhouses, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Duel Tech.

Thorben Seeger leads Lifebit’s international commercial operations. His thought leadership and strategic innovation in the genomics field has firmly established Lifebit as the leading software technology powering precision medicine programs worldwide. With Lifebit, Thorben strategically guides and brings to life the world’s leading national precision medicine programs, including Lifebit clients Genomics England and the Danish National Genome Center. In addition, he oversees strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical giants such as Boehringer Ingelheim, where Lifebit’s AI-powered platform will track global disease outbreaks.

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