Our 2023 Sponsors and Partners Included

Precision Oncology Forum

29-30 October 2024 | Berlin

Precision Medicine Forum has established meetings across Europe with the aim to optimize therapeutic benefit to patients through precise diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Since 2016 our Forums have brought together the leading experts from government, industry, technology, research, and healthcare to share knowledge and connect. Such experts in the field of Precision Medicine will come together once more in Berlin on 29-30 October 2024 to push the field further forwards.

In 2024, the new government led project aiming to integrate genomic medicine for rare and oncological diseases into German healthcare, is set to change cancer care in Germany for the better. Cancer treatments are becoming more targeted as we learn more about the molecular biology of different cancer types through advanced research techniques that are able to link specific biomarkers with more targeted individual or combination therapies. These wonderful developments are leading to better outcomes for patients who have previously not responded to traditional cancer therapies. Yet more targeted therapies also pose new challenges, such as insufficient patient populations and clinical trial sizes, the Precision Oncology Forum will provide a platform for collaboration, to find a way towards the continued improvement of patient outcomes.

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