Our 2023 Sponsors and Partners Included

Precision Pathology Forum

29-30 October 2024 | Berlin

Precision Medicine Forum has established meetings across Europe with the aim to optimize therapeutic benefit to patients through precise diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Since 2016 our Forums have brought together the leading experts from government, industry, technology, research, and healthcare to share knowledge and connect. Such experts in the field of Precision Medicine will come together once more in Berlin on 29-30 October 2024 to push the field further forwards.

In 2024, the new government led project aiming to integrate genomic medicine for rare and oncological diseases into German healthcare, is set to change how pathologists work in Germany. Digital and molecular pathology are crucial components of precision medicine, which provide the opportunity to implement advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence-based image analysis and ultra-fast next-generation sequencing. Yet challenges and hurdles remain for such technologies, not least their development and standardisation, and integration into pathology laboratory workflows. The Precision Pathology Forum will address such challenges bringing together pathologists, clinicians, bioinformaticians and developers for problem-solving discussions and fruitful collaborations.
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