Our 2023 Sponsors and Partners Included

Berlin Precision Medicine Forum

29-30 October 2024 | Berlin

Precision Medicine Forum has established meetings across Europe with the aim to optimize therapeutic benefit to patients through precise diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Since 2016 our Forums have brought together the leading experts from government, industry, technology, research, and healthcare to share knowledge and connect. Such experts in the field of Precision Medicine will come together once more in Berlin on 29-30 October 2024 to push the field further forwards.

Genomic medicine is already in the clinic Germany, but it is not yet covered by state health insurance. In 2024 that is set to change, with a new project aiming to integrate genomic medicine for rare and oncological diseases into German healthcare. Such integration will present challenges including developing the required clinical infrastructure, how to involve patients, legal prerequisites and data privacy, and data infrastructure and digitalisation. Our Forum provides a platform to overcome such barriers, attendees of the Berlin Precision Medicine Forum will have the opportunity to come together, ask questions, problem solve and network with key opinion leaders in Precision Medicine. We look forward to greeting you in Berlin!

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