Speakers for Extracellular Vesicles Forum 2023

10-11 October 2023 | Cambridge, UK

Speakers from academia, industry and healthcare are invited largely on the basis of recommendations by expert advisors active in the enthusiastic EV research community. 

If you have an interest in speaking or would like to recommend some topics or speakers for the agenda, then please get in touch with Joel Hornby.


Why You Should Join Us in Cambridge

Following the success of our Precision Medicine and Oncology Forums, by popular demand we are hosting the Extracellular Vesicles Forum from 10-11 October in Cambridge UK. The EV and exosomes field is followed by a large, enthusiastic, and dedicated research community that is extremely relevant to precision medicine, encompassing precise diagnostics and targeted treatment. The EV Forum, will focus on translational aspects of EV research and development that will have clinical applications, including Biomarkers, Therapeutics, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine. We want to facilitate information exchange with the intention of overcoming bottlenecks in the clinical development of EVs, such as Heterogeneity, Characterisation, Production and Scalability. Join us to discuss such opportunities and challenges with research, industry, medical and regulatory EV leaders.

Sponsorship Opportunities

EV 2023 offers a unique environment to make new connections, share ideas and formulate partnerships for future collaboration. We work closely with our sponsors to ensure that your objectives are met by building bespoke marketing solutions. So be it a plenary speaking slot, hosting a roundtable or exhibiting at our forum, we ensure you are in front of the right audience.

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