Justin Wong, PhD

Head, Epigenetics and RNA Biology Laboratory. School of Medical Sciences, the University of Sydney.

Dr Justin Wong is the Head of the Epigenetics and RNA Biology Laboratory at the School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Sydney. Dr Wong completed his PhD training in  cancer epigenetics at the University of New South Wales, Australia and postdoctoral training in RNA processing at the Centenary Institute, Sydney, Australia. He established his independent research Program in 2018 and has since led studies  into the roles of RNA splicing and modifications (e.g. m6A and 5hmC) in normal physiology and disease.  His laboratory is now focusing on understanding the interplay between RNA modifications and splicing in the context of inflammatory response and cancer.

Dr Wong has been awarded with fundings from the Australian Federal and State Governments (ARC, NHMRC, NSW Health). In 2019, he received the Ruth Stephens Gani Medal from the Australian Academy of Science in recognition of his contribution to the field of human molecular genetics.

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