Dr Marc Matrana

Dr. Matrana is the System Medical Director of Precision Medicine at Ochsner Health in New Orleans, where he has practiced medical oncology since 2013. He is also the Founding Director of the Ochsner Precision Cancer Therapies Program and is an Endowed Professor of Experimental Therapeutics concentrating on early phase cancer clinical trials.   Over the years, he has laid the groundwork for developing a precision medicine institute focusing not just on cancer but on the application of genomics and molecular medicine across specialties and regions.

Dr. Matrana partners with Kevan Simms, AVP of Precision Medicine, and will is responsible for the expansion and clinical integration of pharmacogenomics, whole genome sequencing in neonates, genomic disease monitoring and risk assessment, population-based genomic screening, and next generation sequencing for cancer, among other innovative molecular programs. He has also been instrumental in creating and passing many of the most progressive laws around precision medicine found anywhere through his work with the Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana.

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