Kevan Simms

Kevan is the Assistant Vice President of Precision Medicine at Ochsner Health in New Orleans, serving in this role for the past year, and with Ochsner for the past 11 years. As Dyad partner to Dr. Marc Matrana, System Medical Director of Precision Medicine, Kevan serves as the administrative leader of the program. In this role he is responsible for growing Precision Medicine to all areas of the organization, both geographically and into service lines beyond Cancer. With a focus on patients first, he works to break down barriers to testing, including education to both patients and providers, reimbursement and patient out of pocket cost.

With his background and expertise in Information Services he is able to design and deliver solutions which reduce friction and allow for genetic testing to be fully integrated into the providers standard workflow delivering critical clinical decision support when needed. In his short time in this role, he has helped lead a system wide integration and roll-out of pharmacogenomic testing, rapid Whole Genome Sequencing in the NICU, and expansion of Somatic testing for Cancer patients. Kevan has also been heavily involved with the Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana to expand genetic testing for our patient population. In addition, he is developing programs to increase early detection of Cancer in the underserved communities in which Ochsner serves.

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