Noah Berlow, PhD

Dr. Noah Berlow earned his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas Tech University in 2015, and completed his post-doctoral work at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI), focusing on bioinformatics and molecular biology. Dr. Berlow now serves as an Assistant Member (faculty-level position) at cc-TDI, as well as CTO of First Ascent Biomedical. His research has focused on the application of mathematics and engineering principles such as artificial intelligence/machine learning to challenges in basic and translational cancer research.

He has prioritized development of analysis techniques around functional precision medicine and oncology drug development datasets, with the goal of developing an AI-based system for personalized combination therapy assignment for rare/refractory cancer patients. His work has supported translation of two drugs into three clinical trials (NCT02717455/PBTC-047, NCT02780804/ADVL1513, NCT03838042). He has published 30+ publications, ranging from basic science and drug development studies to AI/ML applications.

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