Cindy Lawley

Cindy is Global Director of Population Health (Olink), speaker at Nordic PMF 2022.

Global Director of Population Health (Olink)

Cindy is passionate about innovation to make genetic and multi-omic technologies easier and cheaper to measure. She sees such innovation as pivotal to lower the barrier of entry for implementing scalable, reproducible solutions advancing individualized medicine and health equity.  In over 14 years at Illumina and together with customers, she helped develop solutions to advance the understanding of genetic risk and holds several government awards for her work for Excellence in Technology Transfer from her work leading Illumina’s Consortia Program.  She joined Olink soon after the launch of the Explore Platform that leverages next generation sequencing as a high throughput proteomic readout.  Ask her about how high throughput proteomics are helping translate the impact our genetics has on more real time health.

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