Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD

Founder, Precision Medicine Advisors
Adjunct Associate Professor, Community and Family Medicine, Duke University

Jeanette McCarthy is a genetic epidemiologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of genomics and precision medicine, working in both academia and industry. She has experience in basic research, unraveling the genetic basis of diseases, as well as translational and implementation sciences, helping to develop products and services that advance the field of precision medicine. Jeanette is an internationally-recognized leading educator in precision medicine.

Her Precision Medicine Academy ( provides courses and workshops to students around the world. Through her consulting business, Precision Medicine Advisors, she has helped numerous organizations educate their workforce and customers to be able to effectively develop and utilize genetic testing in clinical practice. Jeanette is coauthor of the book, Precision Medicine: A Guide to Genomics in Clinical Practice (2016, McGraw Hill Education).

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