Joanna Holbrook

Chief Scientific Officer
Cambridge Epigenetix (CEGX)

Jo is working with a talented team at Cambridge Epigenetix (CEGX) building and commercialising DNA sequencing kits and software, that read more information from DNA. These tools are enabling early disease detection, individualised treatment selection and fundamental biomedical research.

Previously, she has been applying high-dimensional data analytics and leading drug discovery and biomarker development programmes in Pharma and academia. Recently, she is adventuring in biotech.

She collaborates closely with commercial colleagues, across scientific disciplines and organisations. She cares about delivering real benefits to science and clinic and believes high integrity, creativity, respect for complexity and communication are key.

She received a PhD in molecular cell biology from UCL. She held positions of increasing responsibility at GSK in the UK and USA, before moving to Lilly in Singapore. She was Senior PI at SICS, A*STAR and part of large cohort studies in collaboration with Industry (Epigen). On moving to the UK, she was a professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Southampton. She was VP of Translational Medicine at Benevolent AI and led the Precision Medicine Function, before joining Cambridge Epigenetix.

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